Folk Hotel

Tom Russell's new record of originals, "Folk Hotel," is to be released Sept. 8, 2017, - the year long world tour commences in Boston, rolls across the USA with fifty dates, then goes to Ireland and the UK in November & December. All dates are up on: The record includes 13 new Tom Russell originals and a cover of Bob Dylan's "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" as a duet with Joe Ely. Augie Meyers and Eliza Gilkyson also appear! There's also a book of lyrics and stories.
 Fall Newsletter
Fall Newsletter Tom Russell
Tom Russell in Concert - Coming Soon! With Thad Beckman!

Toronto, Hugh's Room, Sept. 3

Chicago, Fitzgerald's, Sept 5,

St. Louis Sept 6, Off Broadway,

Toronto Art Show Opening of Tom Russell Art - Sept 2, 6pm-9pm, The Liss Gallery: 140 Yorkville Ave. The Liss Gallery also features art by Ronnie Wood and Bernie Taupin...

"Art washes the dust of everyday life from the soul." Picasso


Two New Tom Russell CD Collections Released in September! Now Available for pre order from Village Records...

"Tonight We Ride! -The Tom Russell Cowboy Collection" has been updated with all the best versions, newly discovered rarities and duets. John Yuelkenbeck has created a masterwork - remastering, new artwork, stuff from the vaults....the ultimate cowboy list. 19 Tracks, duets with Ramblin Jack, Ian Tyson, and Brian Burns...five never released and one new song.

Get full track list and notes here and pre-order link:

Tom Russell: The Western Years....Rockbeat Records is releasing a double CD. Not essentially cowboy but centered on the West....36 Tracks from the last 20 years....a really wild collection...Tom sings Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, duets with Nanci Griffith, three live unreleased tracks unearthed of Gallo del Cielo, Navajo Rug, and The Sky Above The Mud a lot more and fantastic historic Western Art. See full track listening and notes and pre order from Village Records via this link:

Full Track listing and pre order link from Village:


Three Big Cowboy Festivals Coming with Tom Russell

Oct 2 - Durango Cowboy Gathering, Durango Colorado...

Nov 21,22 - Monterrey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival

Jan 29,30, 2015 Elko National Cowboy Poetry Gathering Tom debuts his new double album on The West in two nights of dinner theater with special guests: Augie Meyer, Gretchen Peters, Barry Walsh, Thad Beckman, Sourdough Slim and others...not to be missed.


NEW! ONLINE! ART BEAT Gallery....Check it Out...

Now You Can View the newest Tom Russelll art, along with six other major artists - including Kerri Powers at: Please leave comments or email or talk to curator Mike Hurshman directly: Phone 970-361-7490


Tom Russell Art Also in Santa Fe at The Rainbow Man

Austin: Yard Dog Gallery

Scottsdale: The Bishop Gallery

El Paso: Postal Annex write:


Books: 120 Songs of Tom Russell...with stories, chords, and woodcuts Blue Horse/Red Desert: The Art of Tom Russell available at: and

Tom Russell Tee Shirts:


Ranch and Reata! Ranch and Reata is the finest journal and magazine on the West. Great writing, music stories, and graphics. Bi-monthly essays by Tom Russell: on Tequila, Ramblin Jack Elliott, Falconry, The Wild West in Europe and many others....

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Charles Bukowski: Tom's twenty year correspondence with Charles Bukowski, rare Bukowski poetry books and paintings and signed photos are all now in an archive up for sale at Ken Sanders Rare books in Salt Lake City.


NEWS! World Tour and new double record coming early in 2015. Tom's "Ballad of the West," a monumental Folk Opera and the third part of his American Trilogy is coming soon...over 80 pieces of music, 25 new original songs and dozens of rare tracks, historic recordings and guest artistsL Augie Meyers, Gretchen Peters, Eliza Gilkyson, Ramblin Jack Elliott, Lead Belly and special surprise artists....

The USA tour begins in Spring 2015 and the UK and Ireland Tour in the Fall. Some dates are now up on Stay tuned.

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Village Records! After so many fine years of association with Bill and Corky at Village Records - they will move on to new frontiers and close Village after September. They have offered some of the finest selections of singer-songwriter music over the years and done a great job handling our catalogue! Here's to their future and a great thanks to Bill and Corky.

Frontera Records will take over the catalogue in Ocotober and all records and books will be available through Frontera and also our website and well as Proper records in Europe. Any questions on the catalogue, rarities, and current projects may be addressed to the head of Frontera: John Yuelkenbeck


Lines from New Songs:

"Cowboys we are, cowboy we shall always be!" Pancho Villa

"Don't Let it end like this, tell 'em I said something...." Pancho Villas Last Words

"I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk....there's a difference...set em up, kid, and make it smart..." Stolen from Rosalie Sorrells

"He wasn't a bad kid....when he was sober." Tom Russell

Thanks for the support! See you on the road and in the joints! TR